About Dr. Greta Anderson

Hi, I’m Dr. Greta

As an LPGA golf instructor, I teach using methods grounded in measurability, strategy, and evidence. Most of all, I help you learn to love the game of golf.

When we work together, I will challenge you. That’s guaranteed. I’ll also help you maximize your skills, identify and address individual problems, and build the confidence you need to play your very best.

If you’re struggling with golf,
I know how you feel.

After several years as a competitive tennis player and low-handicap golfer, I woke up one morning and my right hand wouldn’t do what it needed to do. It didn’t work at all. I was a right handed golfer, but suddenly I couldn’t play at the same level.

I went through several instructors. Most weren’t very encouraging or empathetic. They couldn’t help me.

Finally, I found someone who cared – a natural teacher who worked hard to understand me. I managed to become a great player again, this time with my left hand.

Why I love golf

Golf is a metaphor for life. Training and experience can get you far. But even when you’re struggling – when it looks like you’re doomed to underperform – you can turn things around in the middle of a game.

There are no big screens on the walls. No loud noises to distract you. You’re also playing with other people, not against them (unless you choose to).

And when you meet another golfer in a foreign country where nobody else speaks your language, you’ve discovered at least one person who does.

More about me

  • LPGA Class A Teaching Professional
  • Evaluator – LPGA Global Education Team
  • Ph.D. in Higher Education Research, University of Michigan
  • Titleist Brand Ambassador and Certified Golf Ball Fitter
  • SeeMore Putters – Certified Fitter
  • SeeMore Putting Institute (SPi) – Certified Putting Instructor
  • LPGA Teaching Her Certified Instructor

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