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Which Golf Ball Should I Use?

Wondering which golf balls are best for you? In this video, you’ll learn more about how to choose the right golf ball. Golf balls for beginners.  Golf balls for high handicappers.  Finding the right one for you is key in how to play better golf. As you begin developing your golf practice routine, the insights…

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It’s All In The Hips – Golf

Want to improve your golf swing? If so, it’s important to know that it’s all in the hips when it comes to golf. This video will help you understand muscles used in the golf swing, and how to rotate better in the downswing. Firing the hips is important for everyone, including beginning golfers and for…

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Scramble vs. Best Ball Golf Formats: Not the Same!

Whether it’s the annual corporate outing, or a non-profit fundraising event.  Golf tournaments are very popular these days.  The good news is that event organizers are becoming increasingly savvy at varying event formats in ways that are inviting to participants.  Generally speaking, the Scramble and Best Ball formats are the most popular. Are you clear…

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Benefits of Rolfing®

ROLFING BENEFITS (A GOLFER’S GUIDE)// Have you heard of rolfing? What are the main benefits of rolfing? Can rolfing improve your golf game? Chances are high that if you’ve ever dealt with chronic pain including neck pain or back pain , you may know that it’s a form of body work or soft tissue therapy,…

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How To Pack Golf Club Travel Bags for Safe Air Travel

Packing for a golf trip using a soft sided golf travel bag? In this video, you’ll get insight on one simple travel hack that can save your clubs beyond the golf stiff arm! First, we’ll have a brief discussion of packing your clubs without any tools or tips.  Then we’ll discuss one great travel hack…

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Golf Travel Bags: Pros and Cons To Consider

  Getting ready for airline travel with your golf clubs? Trying to figure out which is the best golf travel bag? This video is sure to help you get your golf travel in gear and will give you golf travel tips that need to be considered since 2019 golf travel bags come with lots of…

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Three Smart Reasons To Add Golf Into Your Life


Anyone who is even remotely familiar with me knows that golf is a big part of my life.  Even before  becoming involved in the golf industry, I always had a great affinity for the game.  In my humble opinion, golf is one of the most awesome sporting activities for so many reasons. No doubt, I’m…

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Golf – The Original Face Time

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Right now, many people are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the most significant upgrade to date to Apple’s popular video chat application FaceTime.  With this, multi-person video calls will become available.  Even for the casual user, this is a pretty cool upgrade option. As I sat here thinking about how communication has changed so much, I began…

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Create a Deliberate and Committed State of Mind.

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In the New Oxford Dictionary, the word commitment is defined as “the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.”  In our daily lives, we are required to commit to many things – jobs, people, tasks, and the like. At some point, most of us realize that commitment is essential to achieving success…

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dr greta playing golf

No doubt about it, golf can be challenging. Generally speaking, a round of golf can be quite humbling.  Filled with scoring highs and lows, lost balls, other on-course frustrations and bigger-than-desired numbers on the scorecard, many golfers feel that they aren’t good enough. When I hear this comment from golfers – particularly female golfers –…

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