Have A Deliberate Plan? Structured Golf Practice

In many ways, golf is no different than other areas of your life. That is, without a plan of some sort, there’s less chance that you will achieve your goals. Enter Structured Golf Practice.

As a teaching professional, I interact with many golfers who just don’t know the true value of a disciplined approach to their practice.

“In the beginning, showing up and putting in your reps is the most important thing. But after a while we begin to carelessly overlook small errors and miss daily opportunities for improvement.”  – James Clear

I run into many people who become frustrated with their lack of progress despite some effort.   She’s taking lessons.  He’s spending five hours per week at the driving range.  Scoring remains the same.

With a little probing, I frequently discover that these players don’t practice with any structure – no plan!

The great news is that we’re going to help!!

In this week’s video, we’re focusing on helping you get ready for some great structured golf practice that will help you maximize your efforts and begin to move the needle in achieving your personal golf goals.


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