Maybe I Should Get My Own Golf Clubs…

Why do I need to consider buying a set of golf clubs? I’ve barely started learning and practicing…

I totally get it.

Maybe you’ve taken a few lessons and you’re having fun with golf so far, but you don’t feel like you play or practice enough to need your own set of clubs.

Besides, you’ve talked to a few people and maybe even seen a few price tags and observed that golf clubs can be kinda pricey!

None of us are made of money, so we want to spend wisely.

That’s why I want to invite you to consider this idea:

Purchasing your first set of clubs will help you in a bunch of ways!

In this week’s video, I discussed some reasons why taking the leap and investing in your first set of clubs will be a game-changer for your golf game!

And to take the guess work and stress out of identifying some high-quality, beginner-friendly golf clubs sets, I give all the deets on three AMAZING sets of ladies sets that are available right now!!


As you may know, participation in golf has really skyrocketed during the past year or so because of it’s natural social-distancing…it continues to be a safe way to have fun, socialize and stay active during these crazy times.

Because of this, it’s been kind of tough to find golf equipment in stock at both local and online retailers.

Be sure to check out this video where I not only provide real-time information some great club options, but also information to save LOTS on some of them.

Whichever set of clubs you choose to purchase, I want to hear about it! See you soon.

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