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Work with Dr. Greta Anderson, an LPGA Class A Professional. Dr. Greta can help you develop your best swing, so you can play with confidence and love golfing.

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We’re all positive vibes. No distractions, ads, hate speech, or divisiveness like on social media. Here, we celebrate wins, ask advice, and share our struggles.

Coaching that’s built around your golf journey

When you join the GoalGetter Golf Membership, you get personalized video guidance that helps you improve your swing.

Dr. Greta will show you exactly what to work on and provide a practice plan that you carry out according to your own schedule.

This is not cookie-cutter technical advice. We’re not trying to teach you to swing like an LPGA or PGA Tour player. This is your swing. It’s unique, and it’s what works for you.

So stop feeling stuck if you can’t make it to a coaching session from a local pro! Dr. Greta’s coaching is available to you no matter where you live!

Finally: An online golf community that has your back

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Around here, there aren’t any distractions to steer you off course. Just honest, good spirited conversations about our triumphs and struggles as golfers. Access the community from your smartphone, computer, or any device you want.

At GoalGetter Golf, we are a safe space for having real conversations, celebrating personal achievements, and expressing our concerns without judgment, drama, or trolling. You can feel safe opening up in our private group!

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Coaching library

Up your game using a wide array of seminars, fitness plans and mindset trainings. Membership gives you access to everything Dr. Greta offers.


Stay inspired and connected with weekly and monthly golf and nutrition challenges. Take part in these challenges to learn and share experiences with the community.

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