Love playing golf. Together.

Join a community of enthusiastic golfers and jumpstart your success.

Gain the skills and confidence you need to play your best.

Fact: You can become a better golfer.

Really! When you join one of Dr. Greta’s group classes in Sandy Springs, Georgia, you’re investing in a top-notch golf education from an LPGA Class A Teaching Professional.

You’re also joining an eager group of golfers with an infectious thirst to improve.

Don’t be surprised if you start loving golf more and more after each session! Working with us is fun because you’ll know you’re getting better. By tracking and measuring progress, you’ll see for yourself just how well you can play.

Before you know it, golf will be more than just “something you do on the weekends.” It will become your favorite pastime.

Dr. Greta’s group golf coaching helps you…

Advance your game

Stuck in a rut? Feel like you’ll never get better? That ends today! Group classes help you build confidence, create good habits, and learn from peers.

Become a well-rounded golfer

Develop the proficiency needed to play a great game. Group classes target a wide range of skills, so you feel confident in a variety of situations.

Meet new golf partners

Community, support, friendship… When you join a group class, you’re not just getting golf lessons – you’re meeting golfers whose skill levels match your own.

Golf Coaching Information

Where are classes located?

Dr. Greta teaches group classes in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Located just above Atlanta, the course is convenient to a variety of communities in the North Metro area. If you live outside the Atlanta region, be sure to check out Dr. Greta’s digital coaching programs.

Classes for women and girls

Golf is for everyone, women included. Unfortunately, most golf instructors struggle to teach women. Dr. Greta has programs designed for female students and believes anybody can play — and love — the game of golf.

Looking for one-on-one attention?

Group lessons are a great way to get better at golf while making new friends. Still, many golfers want something a little more personalized.

If you’re looking for one-on-one coaching or simply aren’t ready to play around other golfers, don’t worry. Dr. Greta’s one-on-one golf coaching is tailored to your skill level and includes a custom action plan.