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Golf doesn’t have to be intimidating.
Dr. Greta makes it fun.

Lessons for Women

Dr. Greta is an LPGA golf instructor knows how to teach women – so you’re not stuck with a male instructor who means well but doesn’t understand you.

Lessons for Girls

As an instructor for metro Atlanta’s best LPGA-USGA summer program for girls, Dr. Greta empowers young women to take up golf.

Individual Lessons

Get tailor-made golf lessons that fit your ambitions, your abilities, and your life. One-on-one instruction can reduce your score by 10 strokes in just 21 days.

Group Lessons

Join a community, meet new golf partners, and improve your game. Dr. Greta offers group classes for women, men, and golfers of all skill levels.

Be the best golfer you can be

That’s what it’s really about, right? After learning from Dr. Greta, you’ll finally feel confident when you join friends or colleagues on the course.

Learn more than just technicals

That’s all you get from a lot of instructors, but not here. Dr. Greta knows what it’s like to struggle with golf. She’s a natural teacher and a natural mentor.

Make new friends

There’s something special about learning with others. When you take a group class, you’re joining an enthusiastic community of golfers who encourage your success.

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