More golfers. More guests. More buzz.

Partner with us to showcase your one-of-a-kind golf experience.

Build a golf travel package that gets attention.

Your accommodations are immaculate. Your golf course is beautiful – and fun. All you need are more bodies swinging drivers, booking rooms, and clinking glasses.

Oh, and telling their friends about the fantastic time they had. That, too.

At Dr. Greta Golf, we’re looking for great golf courses and great hotels in exciting locations. We’ll work with you to create unique golf packages that benefit you, us, and our travel-hungry students.

Here’s how partnering with Dr. Greta Golf helps your resort

Boost seasonal revenue

More golf programs means more golfers and more guests – and that means consistent revenue during the seasons when you need it most.

Create a positive buzz

News travels fast. If you’re looking for a new way to feature your golf facilities, bringing in our groups is a great way to spread the word.

Increase across-the-board sales

Did we mention that we buy things? And not just hotel stays and tee times. We’ll be dining and drinking with you, and we might even bring our families.

Distinguish your brand

At Dr. Greta Golf, we focus on beginner golfers and women. Partnering with us shows the world that you’re a proud supporter of our unique programs.

Create new marketing opportunities.

What better way to market your golf course than promoting a unique golf program?

When you work with us, we help spread the word about your beautiful, inclusive, and high quality resort – so you connect with new audiences and expand your golfing clientele.

Build custom travel packages.

This is a two-way street. We’ll work together to build travel packages that meet our students’ needs and help you develop compelling golf packages for new audiences.

Everybody wins! And when it comes to sales, you win big.

We want to learn more about your resort.

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