Enhance your game with golf lessons built just for you.

One-on-one training leads to rapid improvement – and a whole lot of fun.

Looking for measurable change? You’re in the right place.

Learning to be a better golfer can be a blast. And that’s especially true when you know you’re getting better.

How do you know you’re improving? Through ongoing performance measurements that chart your success path.

That’s what you get when you work one-on-one with Dr. Greta. You’ll know how much you’ve improved because you’ll see it. You’ll also feel it, play it, and live it.

Golf will become a joy, not a source of frustration – and you’ll never ever want to stop playing.

Dr. Greta’s one-on-one golf coaching helps you…

Play with confidence

It’s time to take pride in your game. Dr. Greta shows you how to target the right skills for your current experience level, so you gain the confidence you need to play your best.

Reduce your score

10 fewer strokes in just 21 days? You betcha. When you work one on one with Dr. Greta, ambitious goals become realistic outcomes.

Manage your game

Keep on improving – even after we wind down your program! Dr. Greta shows you how to optimize your game and keep it optimal.

Golf Coaching Information

Where will I learn?

Dr. Greta provides one-on-one coaching in Sandy Springs, Georgia. This location is just north of Atlanta and is convenient to many communities throughout the Metro Atlanta area. If you can’t attend in person, check out Dr. Greta’s online coaching programs.

Coaching for women

Most golf coaches aren’t used to working with women. With Dr. Greta, women and girls enjoy a welcoming, comfortable golf experience from an instructor who is just like them. Dr. Greta has “been there” and tailors her coaching to the needs of women and girls.

Want to create a custom program?
No problem.

One-on-one lessons are all about meeting you at your level and helping you achieve your goals. Need a more rigorous series? Looking for an occasional lesson or two? You’re covered.

All you have to do is tell Dr. Greta what you’re looking for.