Golf travel opportunities for all skill levels

Tee off in some of the world’s most incredible destinations! Everyone is welcome, beginners included.

Yes. This really is the golf excursion of your dreams.

Except you know what? It’s actually happening.

At Dr. Greta Golf, we don’t skimp on beauty, quality, or fun! Every facility we select meets Dr. Greta’s rigorous standards for excellence and inclusivity.

Dr. Greta is an active member of the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO). If you see a destination listed as one of our upcoming trips, that means it’s a clean, safe resort with top-notch golf opportunities. You will be welcome there – and you’re guaranteed to have a blast.

Dr. Greta’s one-on-one golf coaching helps you…

Experience beauty

There’s nothing quite like golfing in an exotic destination. The scenery, the vibe, the sense of wonder... it’s why so many golfers love to play abroad.

Indulge with friends

Meet new golf partners and forge lifelong friendships! Our trips are social opportunities, whether on the golf course or around the dinner table.

Build skills

Golf coaching in an unforgettable dreamscape? Yes, please! Improve your game during the trip with classes led by Dr. Greta.

Make memories

Experiences stick with us. When you join Dr. Greta on a once-in-a-lifetime golf adventure, you’re embarking on a journey you’ll never forget.

All-inclusive packages. All the golf you can handle.

Take a golf trip without all the hassle. Our packages include airfare, hotel stays, golf lessons, and – you guessed it! – time on the green.

Let Dr. Greta plan the trip. All you have to do is pack your bags and meet us at the airport!

Curious where we’re headed next?

Learn, play, and enjoy golf in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

February 2023
All-inclusive luxury resort. Clinics, on-course, play, adventure + fun local experiences, and more!

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