Get ready for a lifetime of great golf

Play your best game with coaching that’s built around you, no matter your skill level.

Golf doesn’t have to be intimidating.
Dr. Greta makes it fun.

The GoalGetter Golf Community

Boost your confidence and hone your skills, no matter where you are! Enjoy one-on-one video coaching and positive motivation from Dr. Greta’s online golf community.

In-Person Coaching

Join Dr. Greta on the golf course for group or one-on-one golf coaching. Dr. Greta teaches in Sandy Springs, Georgia, which is just north of Atlanta.

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Be the best golfer you can be

That’s what it’s really about, right? After learning from Dr. Greta, you’ll finally feel confident when you join friends or colleagues on the course.

Learn more than just technicals

That’s all you get from a lot of instructors, but you get a lot more with Dr. Greta. Learn from a natural teacher and mentor who knows what it’s like to struggle with golf.

Make new friends

There’s something special about learning with others. When you take a group class, you’re joining an enthusiastic community of golfers who encourage your success.

I know what it's like to struggle with golf.

After several years as a competitive tennis player and low-handicap golfer, I woke up one morning and my right hand wouldn’t do what it needed to do. It didn’t work at all. I was a right handed golfer, but suddenly I couldn’t play at the same level.

I went through several instructors. Most weren’t very encouraging or empathetic. They couldn’t help me.

Finally, I found someone who cared – a natural teacher who worked hard to understand me. I managed to become a great player again, this time with my left hand.

I want to be that same teacher for you. As an LPGA Class A Professional, I strive to provide coaching that helps players of all levels love playing golf and thrive in their game.

Need to improve your swing?
Dr. Greta’s got you.

Every member of the GoalGetter Golf Membership community receives one-on-one monthly swing analysis from Dr. Greta herself! Get one-on-one attention and valuable feedback that puts you on the path to a confident swing and a better game.

Learn with Dr. Greta if you’re ready to…

Feel confident on the golf course

Make new friends on the golf course

Love playing golf

Turn golf into a regular activity that excites you

Identify and address weaknesses in your playing

Stop feeling wary or nervous around other golfers