Can Your Daughter Get A Scholarship For Golf?

By Greta Anderson | August 14, 2019

Can your daughter get a scholarship for golf?  The short answer is YES! Only a handful of players will find their way to a golf scholarship at the most elite NCAA Division 1 universities.  But here’s the great news as…


Have A Deliberate Plan? Structured Golf Practice

By Greta Anderson | August 8, 2019

In many ways, golf is no different than other areas of your life. That is, without a plan of some sort, there’s less chance that you will achieve your goals. Enter Structured Golf Practice. As a teaching professional, I interact…

Golf Tips for Beginners | 3 Ways to Enjoy the Journey

By Greta Anderson | May 29, 2019

Are you a new(er) golfer looking for some quick tips for beginners? This week’s video is a bit of a different twist on the usual beginner golf tips video.  Here, we’re going beyond the Xs and Os to address the…

What is a Certified Golf Ball Fitting?

By Greta Anderson | May 22, 2019

  Certified golf ball fitting – have you ever wondered what a certified golf ball fitting is all about? Is a golf ball fitting valuable? If you’ve ever been curious about how you can use fitting to choose the right…

Titleist ProV1 Giveaway SPRING 2019

By Greta Anderson | May 1, 2019

Hello Fellow Golfer Lovers, It’s springtime and the 2019 golf season is officially here! To celebrate, we’re running the first 2019 golf giveaway. So what’s better than a dozen brand new Titleist ProV1 golf balls? A FREE dozen to enjoy…

Which Golf Ball Should I Use?

By Greta Anderson | April 10, 2019

Wondering which golf balls are best for you? In this video, you’ll learn more about how to choose the right golf ball. Golf balls for beginners.  Golf balls for high handicappers.  Finding the right one for you is key in…

It’s All In The Hips – Golf

By Greta Anderson | April 4, 2019

Want to improve your golf swing? If so, it’s important to know that it’s all in the hips when it comes to golf. This video will help you understand muscles used in the golf swing, and how to rotate better…

Scramble vs. Best Ball Golf Formats: Not the Same!

By Greta Anderson | March 27, 2019

Whether it’s the annual corporate outing, or a non-profit fundraising event.  Golf tournaments are very popular these days.  The good news is that event organizers are becoming increasingly savvy at varying event formats in ways that are inviting to participants. …

Benefits of Rolfing®

By Greta Anderson | March 10, 2019

ROLFING BENEFITS (A GOLFER’S GUIDE)// Have you heard of rolfing? What are the main benefits of rolfing? Can rolfing improve your golf game? Chances are high that if you’ve ever dealt with chronic pain including neck pain or back pain…